Summary of Eniwa City


Eniwa City is located in the middle of Sapporo City and New Chitose Airport, and is a core city of Hokkaido with a rich urban function, a beautiful rural environment, and a rich natural environment.
The population has been steadily increasing because we have been promoting residential area development early from the background of blessed traffic access and mild climate, and promoting urban infrastructure development such as public sewers, universities, vocational schools, and industrial parks.※1

※1 Population 69,702 people, aging rate 25.1% (census: 2015)

Also known as “town of flowers”

花のまち 花のまち 花のまち

A number of bright flowers that symbolize “Sapporo Odori Park” visited by many people from all over the country.In fact, most of them are from Eniwa.Gardening by the hands of citizens is also popular, and many people come to visit open gardens during the early summer season in Hokkaido, and deepen exchanges with gardeners in each family.

花のまち 花のまち 花のまち
In addition, we hold event “Eniwa flowers and living exhibition, Eiwa Marche” on the theme of flower every year in the end of June every year, including flower workshops and exhibitions including popular garden tours.In addition to the above, flower-themed events are held throughout the year.

Forest area, compact urban area surrounded by farmland

It is a town with a rich natural environment where forests and farmland surround the urban area.In the west, there is a vast forest area that leads to Shikotsu-Doya National Park and the SDF Hokkaido University Experimental Ground, and a field of farmland in the northeast.The city area is about 5% of the city area.Most of them are within 2 km from JR Station, forming a compact urban area with integrated urban functions.



Transition of Eniwa city population(National census from 1945 to 2015)


You can move smoothly to Sapporo City, the main cities in Hokkaido, and sightseeing spots by using a railway or highway.Sapporo Station is about 24 minutes away by JR Rapid Train, so you can enjoy shopping in the big cities.In addition, it is convenient to travel to various parts of the country, including the Tokyo metropolitan area, and travel abroad by using New Chitose Airport.