Eniwa is cool in summer, with little snow in winter and a pleasant climate.
Summer is cool and less affected by the rainy season and typhoons, so you can spend comfortably.
Temperature Average7.4℃(Highest temperature 31.8℃、Lowest Temperature -21.9℃)
Average wind speed 2.3m/s
Precipitation amount 1,059.7mm
Deepest snowfall 70.8cm

※ Average of 2014-2020 results

Monthly average temperature・Change of precipitation(2017 results)


※ From the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency

Public transportation in the city


In Eniwa, JR (Chitose Line) and route bus(Eniwa community bus) are operated as public transport in the city, and JR3 station in the city and hospital and commercial facilities, public facilities are connected by circulation bus.
Additionally it’s moving around a community taxi as the means to support a life of the person who lives in the area where a Eniwa community bus can’t be used.We’re advancing establishment of public transportation net and improvement of advantage convenience.

※1 Chuo bus(Private enterprise)

Living convenience facilities

Eniwa is a compact city.Hospitals and a supermarkets are enriched around the station, and we can spend daily life on foot.

Commercial establishment・Agriculture and livestock product direct sales

商業施設 商業施設 商業施設
A shopping area and a commercial establishment convenient for daily shopping are a substantial town.Eniwa also enriches a large-scale store of a large supermarket and a home improvement center convenient for shopping by car.
We can see Farmer’s Market where you can get a fresh agriculture and livestock product made in Eniwa at each city place.The particular selection of the vegetable delivered directly from a producer and the flower.Communication with the producer’s one is also one of pleasantness.

Medical treatment and welfare

Medical care service
医療 医療

There are 7 hospitals, 35 medical offices and 37 dental offices in the city, and the bedspace is 1182. ※1
It also corresponds to emergency medical care in a holiday and night.※2

※1 A health center investigates. (Current as of April 1, 2021)
※2 Internal medicine and pediatric ancestry are a night and holiday sudden illness medical office, a duty medical agency in the city takes charge of the injury by which it’s for an injury respectively.
Human services
It’s nursed by the consultation to prevent, a class and a lecture, and human services for a senior citizen are also enriched.
It’s set up as the base to support senior citizen’s life, “TAYOREERU”, then a preservation of health teacher and a nurse will respond to the various consultation. 4 points are in the city.

Education, culture and sport

Education facilities
文教 文教
There are 5 junior high schools and 8 elementary schools, and distinctive education Eniwa of reading activity is being performed.There are 2 high schools in Eniwa. One is Eniwa MINAMI high school with the only physical education flirting in Hokkaido, and another are Eniwa KITA high school.Hokkaido Bunkyo University, Kinki University and a college also go to the lectures which made a citizen the subject.
Culture and sports facility
スポーツ スポーツ スポーツ

City library with more than 300,000 copies of material, a gymnasium and athletic stadium, culture and a sports facility are also enriched.

※1 Current as of the end of March, 2018